Saturday, November 3, 2012

Class of '47

In today’s mail, an invitation to my 65th college reunion.  It includes a formal group shot of nine dressed-up students and a woman I faintly remember as a faculty member.   Male students look older, undoubtedly back from The War, in tight collars, ties, and that breast-pocket handkerchief.   Women all dressed up too, in best skirts, sweaters, pearls, and white ankle socks.

Only one student I recognize – she and I were editors at the Daily Orange together.  She’s in a nursing home near here now.  I phoned her to chat about the mailing, which she had also received.  Go figure -- she remembered the names of nearly every one in the picture.  Then 15 minutes later she phoned me and we had the exact same pleasant chat all over again. 


  1. Funny, you never mentioned Ron Reagan (bottom left) was in your class!

    1. Randy -- that's my first comment from someone who isn't a friend or family -- it's encouraging to think strangers will find the blog.