Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Ever Happened to Eyeballs?

    What ever happened to eyeballs?  Way back--I went on computer in 1983, paid about $4,500 for my IBM and got 64k.  And those were good dollars.  I remember the price of the dot-matrix printer because it was kind of cute: $1,776.
    Anyhow -- in the early days of  the Internet, we used to hear about "eyeballs" -- how many eyeballs a web site was getting.  I always used to wonder whether 300 eyeballs represented 300 viewers or -- think about it -- 150.
    Now I receive daily reports about the number of  pageviews for the blog.  That's obviously one viewer per, but I don't really understand the reports (they're complicated) and above all they don't tell me what I most want to know:  Is anyone reading all this beyond my own family (who know they have to keep up or they'd fail the pop quiz next time they visited) and my own friends (who don't really count)?  Well, yes, you count but you know what I mean.
   What I'd love to know is if, after seven weeks, are any genuine strangers looking in on all this?  If you're a genuine stranger, perhaps you could let me know with a comment, or email to  (Yes, the kids say my address is back in the last century, but I'm not about to change it.)
    If I still had one, I'd take a picture of a one-sided single-density floppy disk to include here.  But at any rate, please, I'd enjoy hearing whether there's anyone out there!


  1. I am a genuine stranger and enjoying your posts very much!

  2. Iam no stranger to your work - love your RE column but I'm enjoying your blogs as well. Glad I found you. I'm "older" but not enough to know about SASE. Please enlighten.

  3. If you wanted a response (from my column, for instance, before e-mail days) you would be asked to include with your letter a
    Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.

  4. A friend of mine posted your 2nd blog about "Organic" maple syrup on her Facebook page. I was so intrigued that I came over to your blog and have read backwards from that blog. As far as I know, we have never met and are not related. Does that make me a genuine stranger?

  5. Dear GEnuine Stranger -- you made my day. I'm trying to figure how old you are just from your name, but it's no help. Anyone named Shirley or Florence or Dorothy is my generation for sure, but a few of the Gold Old Names still seem to be still with us -- Rose, Elizabeth and yes -- Grace turn up regularly in the birth announcements.