Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Being Old

This blog is supposed to be about Being Old but I keep getting distracted.  So today, to return to our theme, here are the targeted ads in the right-hand column when I signed in to  Facebook this morning:

Mom's Facelift Secret

Faithful Women Wanted   which appears to be a seniors dating site -- who knew?

Aging Skin Care               and

Death With Dignity           that one's a book.

So I wonder:  Are they just after me, or do younger people get the same Special Offers (as Kindle calls them)?


  1. today mine are (but they always change):
    order your holiday cards
    cyber monday continues: boots $22 (i was looking online for boots yesterday
    new UGG boots on Zappos
    home energy savings from nyserda (have no idea where that came from)
    and Nordstrom Designer Sale

    i have gotten that mom's facelift secret one too, tho, on occasion...

  2. I'm not on Facebook, so I can't help there. But the ads on gmail tonight don't seem very well targeted to me. One is trying to help me stop debt collectors, and another is trying to sell me a Hyundai. At the moment I don't owe anybody any money (mirabile dictu), and I wouldn't buy a Hyundai on a bet. So there you have it.

  3. OK, here are mine....

    Canada Government Pardons
    Last chance to Apply for Criminal Pardon & Clear Your Record. Get started Now. Click Here!

    Find Mature Love
    Find Love for Singles over 40! Join our Community of Mature people looking for love.
    Like · 3,989 people like this.
    (My Facebook status does say that I'm married...)

    Take Advantage!
    If you take Lipitor®, Caduet®, Norvasc® and Xalatan®, payment assistance is available

    Cash in for Retirement
    Sell your home in the city and retire to Canyon Desert Resort. Arizona lifestyle in BC.
    196 people like Canyon Desert Golf Community.

    Lower your Stress!
    Worked hard all your life? Reap the rewards and escape the rat race. Move to Mexico!

  4. Hey!! I entered a comment! Progress - by the way, I am not Anonymous, I am Connie.
    So, these are my FB ads - I was quite surprised to see what they are, as I never look at them:
    (and you'll see there is a theme!)

    Affordable Weight Loss - Topps, Real People, Real Weight Loss

    Overstock Ipads (w a photo of Steve Jobs)

    Custom Engagement Rings - handmade locally in Vancouver (my status does indicate I am married)

    Glitz and Glamour - Play Now Disney City Girl - this one has kind of a mixed message - Disney, but a pair of sky high Christian Loubitin heels?
    (And Glitz an Glamour - that is SO me!)

    12 kgs in 7 days - Golds Gym

    Rachel Ray drops 4 dress sizes in a mont

    Dr. Oz approves Diet

    So, clearly somebody thinks I need to drop a few pounds!