Saturday, November 17, 2012

Incredible Free Prize p. s.

Don't know when I've been so impressed.  A friend (not up on blog ettiquette yet, don't know if one is supposed to name names? -- maybe initials?)
          S. P. sends a link that shows someone on Espy offering the following:
Wilton Black Cat & Moon Halloween Cupcake Decorations 1985
The yellow plastic moon is 1 3/8" in diameter. The black cats have sculptural detail. The decorations are old stock from a candy store and have not been used. The back is solid yellow with the following embossed - copyright 1985 Wilton, Woodridge, IL 60517, Hong Kong, 2113-4301           $6.50       one only        
So what I want to know is, how on earth did he find them?



  1. i suspect he wrote plastic black cat and yellow moon into google images

  2. He is just that clever.