Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Queen and I

 I used to think it was pretty silly that “Needs help with dressing” was one of the criteria for judging whether someone was ready for Assisted Living.  I could understand “Needs help with... bathing... managing meds…but come on, I used to think -- who needs help with dressing?
Well, Queen Elizabeth and I are the same age and now for the first time ever, I envy her.  She seems spry, but I’ll bet she has Assisted Dressing -- someone to pull her sleeve over that painful  shoulder, and put on her socks (no, scratch that, she doesn’t seem to wear socks), and someone to fasten those earrings – those single pearls dangling from little diamonds, same ones she’s worn every single day for at least half a century,

and someone to remember where she put those earrings down when she took then off yesterday.


  1. They don't look comfy enough to sleep in.

  2. And here all this time we thought "the royal dresser" was the bureau where she put down those earrings. Turns out it's the person who finds the earrings, pulls the sleeve over the shoulder, etc. And I believe she has not one but two such people. Some Queens have all the luck.

    Also, notice it's the same three-strand pearl necklace in all three photos? If I'm reading my copy of Leslie Field's "The Queen's Jewels" correctly, this is the necklace that Grandpapa King George V gave her on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee in 1935. Phew.