Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to the Queen

Never mind all that speculation about what Queen Elizabeth carries in her handbag.  Today we concentrate instead on the purse itself, the same one she’s carried every day since at least 1947.  That’s 65 years ago, gang.  Or wait a minute -- I take it back -- it looks as if she may have replaced it along the way, and she does own another handbag – it looks just like this one but it’s black. 


  1. Huff Post says that this handbag is made by Launer, a London luxury heritage label (whatever that means) and that this bag was made specifically for her, but that similar bags sell in the $500+ realm.

  2. It's a nice bag, but I love my Coach one more.

  3. But I bet she can't just drop it on the dressing room floor when she goes shopping at the Salvation Army, the way I can with my nylon Healthy Back bag. (On the other hand, she probably doesn't go shopping at the Salvation Army that often, either.)