Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Expertise from Warren Buffett

      Again this week, here's a sentence from the current New Yorker magazine, and this time it’s something I not only understand but agree with-- a quote from Warren Buffett: 
      “I was happy when I was in my twenties, and I don’t see a reason to change things.” 
      Was I happy in my twenties?  I recently re-read an entry in a 1953 journal -- I had just peeked in the upstairs bedrooms at my little boys asleep and come downstairs "...practically purring." 
      And now?  Okay, I hesitate to admit right out in public that I’m happy.  It seems inappropriate for a fairly recent widow.  And yes, of course I badly miss the sharing, the ‘listen to this’, or "let's do that" of a 63-year marriage that ended up close and supportive.  And yes, at this time a year ago I was—I realize now looking back--pretty off-balance.  I made more bad moves than the kids know anything about.  And yes, the oddest things were triggering me to choke up. 
       But in the end, I'm with Buffett.
       It would be a bad return on investment to waste these bonus years being anything but happy.      

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