Monday, December 10, 2012

Robin, Dog, Baby

Anna skypes that if I look in the brass chest, I’ll find some little gifts she put there while they were home for Thanksgiving.  And suddenly I flash on a scene from 82 or maybe 83 years back.  My folks are looking down at me, all excited, and a voice from the radio is saying “If Edith will look in the bottom of the china cabinet she’ll find a birthday gift.”  I cannot tell you anything about that radio program, but what I found was two dolls, one with blond hair, one with brown.

Radio was a big part of life in the 1920s.  The popular songs I remember hearing  while we lived in that house (we lost it after the stock market crash) reflect a  three-year-old’s interests:

When the Red Red Robin goes Bob Bob Bobbin Along,
The Whistler and His Dog,  and
I Found a Million-Dollar Baby in the Five- and Ten-Cent Store.

As I recall, it seemed perfectly reasonable that the man had found a baby in the store.  I have no idea what became of  those two dolls, but the china cabinet has moved 3,000 miles to Dov and Connie’s house in Vancouver.

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