Tuesday, December 4, 2012

East is East and West is West

                Ben, who now lives in Los Angeles,  flies East and brings his little boys over for breakfast.  With my own grandsons in mind, I  stocked up on bananas, orange juice, milk, and of course lots of bagels, warm from the oven when I picked them up. 
So  those California kids sat down at the table and stared right past a platter of bagels, not interested,  didn’t even know what they were.  I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it.   Why -- my grandchildren teethed on bagels.  All except Miriam-- she begged for bagels just to lick off the cream cheese.
                “Granola,” says Ben.  “They eat granola for breakfast.  Where’s your granola?”
Granola?  In 86 years I’ve never bought granola.  Never seen a granola in my life.  Don’t even know where one would find it (them?)  in Wegman’s.  
Big crisis.
And then – Wait a minute!  Abigail used to live in  California – and didn’t she leave something on the top shelf  last summer?  And what’s  Ben reaching down?  Can it be?  Yes it is!  A box half full of granola!
Last-minute save!      


  1. I never saw spaghetti until I was a teenager. Never knew where it came from until I saw this: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcqclx_bbc-spaghetti-harvest-1st-april-195_fun#.UL6jzjE7dM0

  2. Very funny: who knew that the BBC could parody itself, as well as Monty Python ever did, in the late 50's???

  3. I was revisioning the scene in my mothers kitchen. First my children would be suspect about their Grandmother even having granola in her larder and secondly they would be checking the expiry date remembering the dusty crusty milk chocolate offered of last years halloween candy.