Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not Elderly Resistant

     Great feeling of achievement today.  Did two things I'd never done before, which is supposed to create extra -- somethings -- in the elderly brain.  I thought maybe it was more neurons, but Marion tells me it's synapses.  Whatever.  Always useful these days.  A  lecturer who explained it said it had to be something you'd never done before, "you may enjoy your crossword puzzles but they don't build more brain...."  Audience, at the seniors luncheon, muttered disagreement at that point.
     Anyhow -- First, as they're no longer offering my marvelous health insurance after this year, I suddenly realized there's a deadline next week for enrolling in Medicare D, the prescription thing.  As usual, first thought was "Who can do this for me?"  Realized nobody was going to, went on the Internet, first to Google, then to a government website that promised to be real easy, has just been revised to be real easy.
      It isn't.
      But it had -- aha! -- an 800 number for when all else failed. 
      That brought me to a wonderful gentleman.  His southern accent made things a bit difficult but on the other hand it made him speak slowly so that evened out.  I pulled the "old enough to be your grandmother, don't hear well, throw myself on your mercy" bit and promptly got enrolled in Medicare D.  Only hitch was a big chunk of fine print he was required to read to me so I could say "I agree" but that was okay as I played Free Cell the whole time he recited it.

      Note in the photo of the meds ("pills" is so last-century)  that the aspirin lacks a "not elderly resistant" cap, more's the pity.  And did you know that "Aspirin" used to be a trade-marked term?  Bayer lost it because the word was only too successful and "passed into the language."  Xerox and Realtor fight hard, these days, to hold on to those trademarks.
      But we're getting way off-topic.  I'll leave bragging about the second achievement for another day -- don't like posts that get too long anyhow. 

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  1. Aspirin still is a trademark in Canada - only Bayer can use it! if we want the generic stuff we have to buy acetasalicyclic acid - I had to learn the difference between that and acetaminiphen (Tylenol) when we moved here -
    this is Connie, by the way, not a stranger, I'm afraid!