Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I heard the word  Kamenets-Poldolsk  somehow when I was very little and I remember enjoying the sounds. Then last week I ran into it in a book.  And then I read it again somewhere else yesterday.  Sorry, don’t remember where so I can’t tell you that.  But what would you say are the odds of coming upon that same nifty word (words?)  twice in one week after a gap of more than 80 years?

Just looked it up in Wikipedia, after a small argument with Google about spelling.  Kamenets-Podolsk turns out to be a city, a small one, currently in the Ukraine.  It has been at various times part of Turkey, Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary and Lithuania

Really?  Lithuania?  Yes,  Virginia--if you read it in Wikipedia it must be true.
It looked as if Kamanets-Podolsk  would have been in the news in 1927, but come on – I wouldn’t have relished those rich syllables when I was only one year old?  At any rate, I post them here so you can try them out yourself. Don’t they roll off the tongue nicely?

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