Thursday, December 6, 2012

S. W. A. K.

New Years Eve 1950
Today for the first time I tried my new bright red lipstick   
(see October postings.)  Soon as I put it on, I flashed on
the 1940s.  Am I imagining it, or did girls wear a great deal
of bright red in those days?
First, of course, we used Tangee.  That, kids, was a mild,
almost transparent beginner's lipstick that was supposed to change, after you put it on, to a shade particularly suited to your complexion.  I used other girls' Tangee at high school
(shudder) because my father wouldn’t let me wear lipstick.
Then when he finally gave in, what I bought was indeed bright red. Max Factor.                                                 
This morning that bright red looked so weird on my 2012 face that I immediately blotted my lips on a Kleenex. (Computer just corrected me by capitalizing that trademarked word).  I looked at the smudged tissue and it brought back the letters we wrote almost every day during WWII, to the millions of men – many of them teenaged boys – across the Pacific and the Atlantic.  On those envelopes -- now that's what I call an emoticon !



  1. Or SWALK - sealed with a loving kiss.

  2. SWAK / emoticon: I LOVE how you blend today's world with yesterday's!